ODL Team enjoying some conversation and coffee

A simple privacy policy

Effective Date: When the cows come home, or January 2023, whichever comes first.

1. The Lowdown
We’re ODL Deisgns Inc., and we treat your data like it’s a secret family recipe. We only peek at your info to make things super cool for you on our site, odlagency.com.

2. The Info We Snag
The Basics: You tell us your name and email when you sign up.
The Sneaky Stuff: Cookies! Not the chocolate chip kind, sadly. They tell us what you love on our site so we can keep the fun coming.
The Sherlock Holmes Data: Your digital footprints, like IP address and browsing gear, so we can sleuth out bugs and keep things running smoother than a jazz tune.

3. The Secret Sauce
We use your details to spice up your experience, not to spam you with emails about our cousin’s friend’s startup.

4. Sharing Is Caring (Sometimes)
We only share your info with our trusted band of merry elves (a.k.a. service providers) and if the law gives us the stink eye.

5. The Cool Kids’ Club
Our site’s not for the kiddos under 13. They’re probably busy building forts, anyway.

6. The Crystal Ball
Changes to this policy? We’ll shout from the digital rooftops (and update this page).

7. Gab With Us
Got a question, or just wanna say hi? Drop us a line at mississauga@odlagency.com, carrier pigeon, or smoke signals.

Stay safe, surf smart, and keep being awesome!OD