We started this journey nearly 20 years ago. Today our team is stronger than ever.

When we started this company in our early twenties, sitting at a desk made of plywood, we couldn’t have imagined that one day we would be leading such a talented team of creatives with studios on both sides of the pond. More than ever we value our team and clients. We remain passionate about our work, and as always, are up for a challenge… oh, and we’re a little oddle.

Je-Ann and Abraham Latchin
Founders and Principals at ODL Agency

george woodger

Partner, ODL Agency UK.
After taking on some valuable experience in the Toronto Studio, and immersing himself in some Canadian culture (Timbits & Drake), George headed back to England to lead the new U.K. office.

fran driver

Project Manager
With a passion for organization and armed with a collection of coloured pens, highlighters and notepads Fran keeps everyone on-task and on-time. Fran enjoys running, binge watching Netflix and catching a basketball game (even better if it’s the Raptors!).

christine martinez

Senior Designer
A keen eye, creative expertise, and strong organizational skills, helped propel Christine to the role of senior designer where she tackles client projects and assists with art direction and project management daily. She is a self-proclaimed Mouseketeer and ODL’s resident Disnerd (Disney nerd).

Stephen Townsend Senior Photographer

stephen townsend

Senior Photographer
An Aussie in Toronto, Stephen has shot in the UK, Australia and now Canada producing campaign material from the streets of London to the mountains of New Zealand.

mathieu domengoni

Graphic Designer
A sports enthusiast who prides himself on his fantasy sports teams, data analysis, and making awesome picks. In his spare time he designs album covers and apparel for local artists, all while managing and developing his own Clothing Brand “Careless Co.” He is a man who never says no to pasta!

nhorlan quintanilla

Senior Designer
Doodled in class, sketched at home and inspired at a young age by graffiti. With a thirst for knowledge and self-propelled curiosity Nhorlan was enriched by the sights and flavours of Toronto’s diverse melting pot. Today he has swapped his spray cans and paints to mouse clicks and pixels.

yamila gonzalez

Business Accountant
After coming onto the team more than 10 years ago Yamila has worked tirelessly with a team of typical creatives, and that’s no mean feat! From the beautiful islands of Cuba, she likes nothing more than to tuck her toes into some warm sand and read a good book.

zoha babazadeh

A self-described visual-storyteller, Zoha began her career shooting in Iran capturing the natural beauty of the people and spaces. Her camera and eye has taken her to New York and now Toronto where she brings the talents of an Art Director and photographer to our studio!

ODL Team Group 2023